Electric and Remote Access Gates

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Automatic and Remote Access Electric gates are the solution many businesses are turning to in order to keep their company safe and secure while providing employees and customers the access they need to their property.

Automatic Gates in Carlsbad

Automatic gate installation is a great option for businesses that need to reduce foot traffic around their business facility.  An automatic gage provides security, and monitors approaching traffic.  An automatic gate will let in any vehicle that approaches. Commonly installations are found at apartment complexes, service based companies and even trucking or shipping yards.  There are many levels of triggering devices for our automatic gates.   We can help you figure out which type is right for you.

Remote Access Gates

Sliding Electric Gate - Mission Viejo CA

Sometimes you don't want all traffic to have access to your property. This is when remote access gates are the right solution. There are several ways to tackle your remote

access gate installation.  The most common solution is the code entry operator.  These are use in places where there is a high volume turnover of people needing access.  There are several levels of code entry systems we can offer your business as well. 

Another common choice is the computer controlled access point. These are used when you need a person manning a station to grant access to an approaching vehicle.  This is great when your company might have a number of visitors that come to your property. 

The third common option is the vehicle remote.  A more localized control option, this is for situations where you need to maintain tight control of entry to only a select few vehicles.  These remote entry devices operate like a garage door opener. 

With so many options, Carlsbad Fence Company can help you choose the solution that is right for you company’s application.  Call to setup an appointment with our fence contractor where we can give you our professional advice on the type of remote access gate system appropriate for your application. 

Give us a call at 442-245-8287, and we will put together a free quote for your project.

Electric Swinging Gates

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Swinging gates are used with horizontal access is limited. We have a variety of swinging and electric swinging gates to offer our clients for both residential and commercial applications.

No matter which kind of electric gate you need, or the entry device choice, or whether it is installed at your home or business, Carlsbad Fence Company is committed to providing the solution you need.  We travel throughout the North San Diego County area.  We serve Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad, Escondido, Encinitas and beyond! We have a variety of options at a variety of price-points to fit your budget.  Give us a chance to meet or exceed your expectations for quality and customer service!