Vinyl Fence Installation in Carlsbad, CA

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Vinyl fencing is a great option when you need a fence that will last you many years without fading or falling. They also add an elegance while offering low maintenance!

Want to know one of the great reasons to choose vinyl fencing for your home?  Cleanability.  By far, vinyl fencing is easy and low maintenance. When you have some small dirt buildup, its easy to wash it off with the garden hose and maybe some light scrubbing with a broom. For those slightly harder buildups a light duty power washer will often do the trick and make your fence look as good as new!

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Design and Style

Originally there were not many options when it came to vinyl fencing. Today, there are a plethora of designs, styles and colors from which to choose .

For both privacy vinyl fences and picket fences, there are several choices for height. Thee are multiple color choices that can be mixed and matched to add a little more “pop” to your vinyl fence design. Privacy fences are the common choice for backyards, and picket fences  a great choice to enclose the front yard of your home – allowing your pet even more room to roam freely.  And you won’t have to worry about them running off!

Eco-Friendly Option

Vinyl fencing provides an excellent eco-friendly option.  Wood fences typically will last you 10-15 years if they are stained and sealed regularly.  So, in 15 years you’ll need to replace your fence again, using more trees and adding more stuff to the landfill.  

Vinyl fences are a great choice to reduce wood consumption and waste.  For every vinyl fence installed, you are reducing landfill waste of at least one to two wood fences!  The same is true for consumption and cutting down trees!

Vinyl fencing have the added amenity of long-life and durability.  Your vinyl fence installation by Carlsbad Fence Company will last many years, saving landfill space, and keeping more trees alive!


Plan Your Vinyl Fence Install Today!

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